About Me

Hello everyone!
I have lived with epilepsy for 30 years – after many hard lessons, I have learned to embrace the crazy world that I was thrown into. Epilepsy affects your health, emotions, comprehension and your lifestyle. It isn’t just a condition that affects you neurologically, though – it’s a thief. It will steal everything you have if you let it. Instead of giving in and allowing epilepsy to steal my joy, I dug deep into who I was to find the grit and strength I needed to get through it all. It took awhile, but I truly found the strength of a titan.

Hence, the tag name @TifftheTitan was born for this @epilepsypodcast. I use this tag name to encourage others in the community to dig deep for that strength within and take back their lives from epilepsy. I share podcasts that are informative and relevant to what we experience. I cover the entire spectrum of what epilepsy could be, in hopes that I will help others with the years of experience I have living with it. I am a person you can reach out to with thoughts or questions. If I can help someone, somewhere, navigate their epilepsy in the slightest way… then I would be honored to be that person for you – the person that I needed, so much, when I was first diagnosed.

Remember always, “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

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