Tiff the Titan

Producer, Author, Host, Filmmaker, CPhT, Titan, and Bad A$$

Welcome to my domain! Take a look around and see what I’m up to – you’ll find my published works, film, productions, press and updates here. My story begins at an early age in the midst of many things. Sure, there were some good memories. But between the poverty, epilepsy, bullies, and depression – life seemed to resist almost every effort at happiness, for awhile. As time went on, my seizures taught me how to embrace and resolve things in my own ways. My hunger gave me the character and strength to feed my soul. My failed suicide attempts made me strong enough to realize my worth. And here I am, years later, still standing. I call myself Tiff the Titan, because my grit and determination to overcome my challenges made me a f***ing titan.

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